Bethel Place


Bethel Place  Halstead, Essex.
Tel: 01787 273437 , Email:

Home Manager: Mrs Ayshea Hutchison

Regulated Activities: Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care

Bethel Place is located in a quiet cul-de-sac in the beautiful countryside of Essex. Bethel Place is less than 10 minute walk from all amenities including a library, banks, doctors, hairdressers, a gym and sports centre. Bethel Place was commissioned to operate as a single service to meet the needs of the service user.  The location delivers a more relaxed local environment than a busy inner-city setting to enable the service user to engage in their therapeutic programme.

 Bethel Place offers personalised care and support planning. We ensure that the service user, along with their family and/or carer, work together with care practitioners to discuss:

·       what is important to the individual, setting goals they want to work towards

·       things they can do to live well and stay well

·       what support they need for self-management; agreeing actions they can take for themselves

·       what care and support they might need from others and how this can best fit in with the rest of their lives

·       what good support looks like to them as an individual


We can support you to:

·   Keep safe and healthy.

·   Live independently – either on your own, with friends or family or in shared accommodation. 

·   Get out and about to meet new people and do new things in your life.

·   Learn more skills to become more independent.

·   Go on holiday. 

·   Keep in touch with the people who are important to you.

·   Support you to manage your household bills and money.

·   Get a job or volunteer.

How we will support you:

·   You will have choice and control at all times about what you do and how you are supported.


·   Where possible we will work with you to choose your support staff so that they match your personality and interests.

·   We will always treat you with dignity and respect.

Bethany House is a small but friendly team whose aim is to work with individuals, their families and professionals within a framework of anti-discriminatory practice, to promote each person’s individual values. The service is staffed 24/7 by a dedicated warm and friendly team.

We are committed to:

·   Actively promoting each person’s participation in an ordinary lifestyle

·   Supporting people to access community facilities

Kind words from our customers

One of the really good things is that the management support you if you have any concerns.

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Parents and carers are able to discuss any concerns they might have with the staff and the manager.

Responsive - The Tidings

We have ‘Social Sundays’ where people can all get together to chat and spend time together.

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