Priory House


Priory House is our first home, registered in March 2005.

Priory House  is located in Halstead, Essex and is within walking distance from the high street   including a library, banks, doctors, hairdressers, a gym and sports centre. Priory House is registered to accommodate a maximum of 3 service users. Our staff, endeavour to create an environment that is safe, stable and culturally sensitive within which service users can feel secure and where their physical and emotional well-being will be promoted. This includes advice, guidance and support in coming to terms with past difficulties and preparing for the future.


Priory House is home to 3 adults with learning disabilities and complex needs such as physical and mental health issues, challenging behaviours, who may also have a forensic history. The service is staffed 24/7 by a dedicated team.

The service at Priory House is currently configured specifically for men who have been in hospital or secure services for some time and require longer term care in a safe and supportive residential setting in the community, where their needs around their physical health and or the ageing process can be effectively met.

The aim of the service is to encourage individuals to lead a full and valued life, enabling them to live more independently through a programme of active community engagement, developing meaningful social networks, managing risk and developing robust coping strategies.

All too often challenging behaviour is cited as a barrier to community inclusion for people with learning disabilities or autism, because it can interfere with family life, employment and education.

At Priory, we know that challenging behaviour is invariably a learned response; it is a way for a person to control their environment when they cannot otherwise communicate their hopes, needs and fears. Therefore we ensure that our staff team are trained to implement a person-centred approach and positive support through the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® philosophy. PROACT-SCIPr-UK® is a whole approach to support which focuses on prevention rather than intervention. This approach identifies distress early and our staff are trained to respond positively, in a non-restrictive way.

Kind words from our customers

One of the really good things is that the management support you if you have any concerns.

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Parents and carers are able to discuss any concerns they might have with the staff and the manager.

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We have ‘Social Sundays’ where people can all get together to chat and spend time together.

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