About Us

About Meadowview Care

Established in 2005, Meadowview Care Ltd is a family owned service provider whose aim is to develop bespoke services for adults with Learning Disabilities and highly complex needs, including those with a dual diagnosis, mental health problems, personality disorders and autistic spectrum conditions.  All of our services have been specifically designed to provide small group or single person environments, replicating an ordinary living setting. Most of our services accommodate people in small shared homes which have an individual bedroom for each person and shared kitchen, dining and living spaces. These allow for the development of daily living skills aimed at a move towards more independent living.

Our services are tailored to respond to the needs of individuals who live within our homes. We create environments that are safe, caring and homely, where individuals enjoy meaningful and worthwhile activities. Our main goal is to encourage individuals to make choices, pursue their wishes and achieve personal goals whilst encouraging independence and engagement within the community.

We are aware that having a disability comes with its own stigma, restrictions and prejudice from society, our aim is to safely integrate individuals into the community to experience and become part of society at the same time enabling individuals with a disability to get on with their lives.
Our focus is to provide a normal life style, where each person is able to enjoy choice, freedom, self-determination and an environment that is beneficial to continuous progress towards independence.

We are responsive to service users’ changing needs, by being able to offer different service designs/ care packages reflecting individual funding.

Our ethos is built upon a shared belief that the person is central to everything we do.


Kind words from our customers

One of the really good things is that the management support you if you have any concerns.

Well Led - The Tidings

Parents and carers are able to discuss any concerns they might have with the staff and the manager.

Responsive - The Tidings

We have ‘Social Sundays’ where people can all get together to chat and spend time together.

Caring - The Tidings

The training is good. I have recently had some training in mental health which was useful.

Effective - The Tidings

There is always enough staff on shift each day.

Safe - The Tidings

Every single day we go out – we are only here for breakfast and dinner. People have a lot of energy.

Responsive - Bethany House

We have all bonded! I am very happy with my placement. The staff are so good to me.

Caring - Bethany House

staff are very good. They help you with anything you need. I have never had any problems.

Effective - Bethany House

The staff never leave us. I feel very safe.

Safe - Bethany House

One of the really good things is that the management support you if you have concerns.

Well Led - Bethany House