Admission Procedures

Your Admissions and Placements

The initial stage is when contact is made enquiring about our admission process and our service provision. Once equipped with the information given, you may wish to proceed to the next stage, which is carrying out an assessment of your needs. An appointment is made at a venue of your choice, where an assessor from Meadowview Care will come to carry out an initial assessment.


Your assessment meeting is usually the first time that we meet with you to discuss your current needs, your aspirations and any needs you may have in the future.
We will seek your permission to contact a wider group of individuals’ i.e. family members, health and social care professionals, advocate, or care manager for input to form a comprehensive needs led assessment.
All individuals/professionals who play a part in your life are known as a multi-disciplinary team.
Your needs extend to ALL areas of your life and how you would like to be supported so that you are able to progress to achieve the outcomes that are important to you. The assessment will have a detailed skills assessment, a full medication review and a full analysis of any “behavioural difficulties”. There may also be a need for assessment on speech and language, psychotherapy, physiotherapy etc.

Can we meet your needs?

Once all the information has been collated from yourself and the multi-disciplinary team, we will have information from a wider group of individuals to help us understand your needs. Your proposed Home manager, our service manager and our locality manager will meet to understand how we can best meet your needs.

We will look at the service that we can offer if it best meets your needs. If we are able to meet your needs, a transition plan will be put in place by our senior managers, your social worker and other individuals from the multi-disciplinary team.

What is a transition?

Once we reach this stage, it is likely that you wish to move into one of our services. Your care manger will contact you and your family to invite you for tea. At this point, your transition process begins.

Transition is the process of changing from one stage in your life to another. This is a period of time in your life where a major change is taking place, which may be exciting but can also be stressful and may result in you feeling anxious. Careful consideration and planning is put into the transition process. Research has shown that the anxiety of moving house is one of the most stressful events that can occur in life, but even more so for people with Learning Disabilities and mental health disorders. Our staff are trained to respond to individual needs in a meaningful person centred manner.

The transition plan is person centred and it gives clear guidelines on how we can support you throughout the move from your current home into your new service. You will be allocated a named ‘Keyworker’, as part of your ongoing Person Centred Plan (PCP). Your Keyworker is the main person who co-ordinates your support throughout your stay at a Meadowview Care Home.

Kind words from our customers

One of the really good things is that the management support you if you have any concerns.

Well Led - The Tidings

Parents and carers are able to discuss any concerns they might have with the staff and the manager.

Responsive - The Tidings

We have ‘Social Sundays’ where people can all get together to chat and spend time together.

Caring - The Tidings

The training is good. I have recently had some training in mental health which was useful.

Effective - The Tidings

There is always enough staff on shift each day.

Safe - The Tidings

Every single day we go out – we are only here for breakfast and dinner. People have a lot of energy.

Responsive - Bethany House

We have all bonded! I am very happy with my placement. The staff are so good to me.

Caring - Bethany House

staff are very good. They help you with anything you need. I have never had any problems.

Effective - Bethany House

The staff never leave us. I feel very safe.

Safe - Bethany House

One of the really good things is that the management support you if you have concerns.

Well Led - Bethany House